I Moved to Google

I’ve made the tough decision to leave VMware and join Google as a Customer Engineer in the SoCal Enterprise region. Having been in the Federal space since I graduated in 2013, I wanted to try the commercial space. Also, Google has a San Diego office and I am itching to get back into an office environment after being isolated for so long due to the pandemic.

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Unifying three distinct teams—development, security, and operations—around a common approach to get application releases to production is challenging. This post explores how Tanzu Labs partnered with a major branch of the Department of Defense (DoD) to build an automated DevSecOps process using VMware Tanzu and several open source tools. Check out the blog post here.

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When Federal people ask to secure a DevOps app creation and delivery process, what do they mean? Chris Willis joins Coté in this episode to answer that question with a #vmwaretanzu customer example: the Tanzu Build Service, buildpacks, Tanzu Application Service (Pivotal Cloud Foundry), and other components. He covers FIPS encryption requirements, STIGs, working with the authorizing official, and the overall practices and culture-think for securing build pipelines.

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Chris Willis

Passionate about giving people the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in building, running, and scaling production platforms and applications.

Application Modernization Customer Engineer at Google

San Diego, CA